Area 111x

Area 111x

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UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, Area 111X is not currently meeting. The loss of connection due to the pandemic has inspired the SOIL project that seeks a Secure Operational Instructional Link for prisoners to be able to continue their progress in Area 111X and other programs without the need for in-person visitation.

This project started in January 2018, when Education Coordinator Howard invited eCampus instructional designers, administrators and staff (Jessica Armstrong, Chris Beks, Chris Lott, Kendell Newman Sadiik) and Sarah Stanley from UAF English to try out a hybrid version of the required writing course on campus, WRTG 111X. Now, every Tuesday we have class inside 2-3:30 with a cadre of teaching volunteers (Lacy Simko, Nastasia Caole, and Sean Namei). If you want to join in on a class, get in touch with Sarah–we love visitors.

Several students have completed the course inside and we anticipate more to finish on both the outside and the inside in the coming year. Eric Whitebread has completed the course, you can read his portfolio here: eric-whitebread-portfolio. Charles Wells has completed the course. You can read Charles’ portfolio here: Charles-Wells-Portfolio. Brett Gilbert completed the course, and you can read his portfolio here.

Area 111X connects to CoW

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