About LION

The Learning Inside Out Network supports education and creative collaboration between people who are inside and outside of Alaska’s jails and prisons. As a grassroots group, we catalyze community wellness projects and advocate for individuals and families affected by incarceration.

Sustaining Space for Collaboration

Sustainable Inside opportunities taking place at Fairbanks Correctional Center and or Fairbanks Youth Facility include weekly writing workshops, weekly yoga practice, a hybrid university writing course, and applied theatre. In Juneau, Flying University has a weekly, UA credit philosophy course inside every semester. 

Sustainable Outside spaces for collaboration are every Tuesday and Thursday through a Zoom link  and Fairbanks Reentry Coalition meetings the first Thursday of the month. 

Responding with Collaboration

Our Community wellness projects are tactical, each drawing on the strengths of organizations, recurring community events, and the passions of people. In each of our projects, we noted a need or way to build connection and relationship to people incarcerated and followed through.

Motivating Change

Across the inside and out, lions are politically motivated, advocating for changes to institutional policies that keep families and generations locked up.

By forming and growing partnerships with Blossom House, Breadcrumbs Theatre Company, the Fairbanks Children’s Museum, the University of Alaska, the Fairbanks Reentry Coalition, the Juneau Reentry Coalition, L.I.O.N. is always recruiting more members and working to establish deeper connections.