Bringing the Outside In: Newspapers for Inmates

Bringing the Outside In: Newspapers for Inmates

Better than any book, newspapers were lifesavers that pulled me closer to share because each new edition marked a new day, an invitation to rejoin a world that kept moving while I was inside.
– Chandra Bozelko from “To fix the US prison system, give every inmate the daily newspaper.

On May 8 2018, Howard, the FCC education coordinator, mentioned people inside were no longer getting the newspaper, and what a shame that was. She explained that, because there is no internet access for inmates, the Newsminer was the only way for them to stay connected to the outside world keep up on the national and local news, births, deaths, job openings, housing opportunities, etc. This was mentioned again at FCC Wednesday night during Alaska Public Media’s community conversation at the jail.

Lion Nicky Eiseman and Anne Hanley jumped to action, Fairbanks can do this, we can round up the donations necessary to bring back newspapers inside FCC.

Newspapers for Inmates’ immediate goal is to provide 30 daily subscriptions of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner to the 250 men and women incarcerated at FCC, as well as 5 daily subscriptions to the young people living at the Fairbanks Youth Facility.

$13 purchases one subscription for one month, 
$39 purchases one subscription for three months, 
$78 purchases one subscription for six months, 
$156 purchases one subscription for one year, 
$4680 funds the entire project goal of 30 papers a day for one year.

Join the campaign.


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