FCC Field Trip

FCC Field Trip


Sarah Stanley (sstanley2@alaska.edu)

What to Expect:

Arrive 5 minutes before 2 pm to join the group. We will form a line. Everyone will need to be prepared for a baton to scanning the body before entering the main correctional facility from the lobby entrance. Once inside, we will first be led through the education center. Note the space of that learning area. Then, we will be join some people in yellow who will be sitting in chairs in a circle inside the FCC gym. Anticipate some noise as half of the gym is being remodeled. We will listen as Superintendent Tammy Axelson and Education Coordinator C. Howard introduce the participants to educational philosophies, histories, practices, and programs inside FCC. There will also be some time to listen to education stories from men and women in yellow.

We anticipate ending at 3:50 pm; however, please keep your afternoon flexible as we cannot promise an exact ending time.

Afterward, some of us are planning on going to Venue coffee shop for a warm drink and conversation until the next event at Stone Soup at 5:30.

How to Prepare:

Please read over these worksheets to ensure you are meeting dress code and understand the relationships of entering Fairbanks Correctional Center as a community volunteer.

Volunteer Ethics Form (3)

Volunteer Orientation including PREA (2)

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