February Den Meetings

February Den Meetings

Our 2021 Theme: Access.

First, YOU, are invited.

Whoever wants to connect to the many engaged volunteers, students, organizers working on access, we meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11am at this Zoom link

January involved multiple Bucket projects! We now have a basic logo that Naomi Hutchquist designed with the help of a LION Den Brainstorm. Special thanks to Diane Benson for her ability to use language to precisely describe the elements that she sees clearly in her head. I love this collaboration and dialogue back and forth!

We were discussing how our logo could get “meme-d” by different project groups also doing access. Groups can discuss ways to collaborate with Naomi to add color or have different elements spilling from the bucket, for example. Or maybe, in someone’s iteration, the raven has a hat!

Anyway, we love how this design gets at movement and how resources get used. 

Our highlights during January include visits by attorney Marna Stanford and Adult Probation/Parole Officer Janie Beaudrealt; free access to Grant Station, thank you Julie Kaufman! And a possible future relationship to Ameelio where we met a technologist named Andrew and learned that Ameelio is so named bc it is short for “ameliorate.” 

Here’s what is lined up for February. We would love for you to join us. If you have a network idea for us, please especially attend our last Den of the month

February 2:  Grant Day; Come and help us work on grant pieces!

February 4: Zine Work (Diane and Jackson)

February 9: No Den; Go to the Conference; Register here; to get in free select “community reentry program for an employer” 

February 11: Eli’s Letter to LION; Responding; TBD Trauma-Informed Session with Jody Hassel responding to a letter

February 16: Showcase Programs (Mikayla). So much inspiring work is happening! Come to this LION meeting ready to share an innovation you want to showcase for re-entry.

February 18: Potential Panel of Access TBD (Mikayla and Jeff)

February 23: Workshop Creation based on what we learned and reports about projects.

February 25: Workshops, Cont. Reflection; Planning for March


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