Writing on the Wall: Zine Project

Writing on the Wall: Zine Project

During COVID, the Learning Inside Outside Network (LION) is keeping prisons connected. Sharing written work is one way for people to connect and find their voice all while staying safe during the pandemic. The attached postcard is for a new magazine, or Zine, Writing on the Wall, a project led by volunteer writers, educators, and artists from across the state of Alaska. The first issue will be circulating inside and out by Fall 2021. 

You can share your submission with us by posting it in a comment below or through mail:

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Department of English
P.O. Box 755720
Fairbanks, AK 99775-5720

Image of a raven with a bucket full of letters spilling out in his beak

If you have questions or would prefer to email the submission email us at uaf-lion@alaska.edu

If you would like to talk to a person, please let us know through email and we can arrange a time.

We also meet as a collaborative every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-11am. Email uaf-lion@alaska.edu for connection information.

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