Reading Stories Inside and Out: The Great America Read as Howard’s Challenge

Reading Stories Inside and Out: The Great America Read as Howard’s Challenge

noticing who’s invited

When Sarah Stanley heard on KUAC about the Great America Read and KUAC’s special event at the Noel Wien Library in September, she reached out to Nancy Tarnai, “Nancy, is there a way to bring this local event inside the walls at FCC?” Later that same week, Nancy got back to Sarah who had since called Howard, the FCC Educational coordinator who had already hatched a plan for what seems to work inside–incentivizing the signs of success and learning inside. PBS liked the idea of inviting those who read behind bars into the initiative–“how’s $2,500 for books and prizes, sound Sarah?” Nancy asked.

The project became known as “Howard’s Challenge” inside.

collaborative design

Read a book. Write a response. Hope for a prize.

Working together, L.I.O.N. facilitated a small network of book choosers and reading response writers. Reading is connected to speaking and writing, we found an easy partnership through L.I.O.N. member organizations the University Writing Center and the University Speaking Center. Rebecca Lawhorne, a graduate student in COJO, speaking tutor, and Hrrl Scout, brought in community-activists Hrrl Scouts. Collaboration works in multiple directions, and Howard worked those relationships inside, inviting FCC librarian to get involved, the GED coordinator, and a student in the Area 111X class, all passionate about lion collaboration.  This ad-hoc network created Howard’s Challenge together.

It all came together late November when KUAC Gretchen Gordon showed up at Barnes and Noble with her pro-card and purchased $2,000 worth of paperback books. She ordered online $500 of prizes in the form of hand-held, FCC approved notebooks, a locally designed Great America Read stickers, and very nice pencils.

Let the reading and writing and connecting begin!

community reflection

We will report back here after we hope to hold a community reflection one mutually agreed on February evening. our fingers crossed this will happen inside FCC.

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